Forensic Photography

Please note that courses are no longer available.

CSI television programs make forensic (crime scene) photography look very easy – that is not the case! Forensic digital photography requires the production of good quality, accurate photographs that detail the incident scene. Forensic imagery must be recorded in context and not be manipulated in anyway. The courts will decide on the admissibility, or otherwise, of the photographs. The person taking the photographs must be able to corroborate the imagery and state that they took the photos and that the image so depicted is true.

Digital photographs are now acceptable by the courts providing that established protocols are employed. No specific digital format is proscribed but again the digital imagery needs to meet the same test as conventional photographic images with regard to authenticity and chain of custody.

Crime or Incident Scene Digital Photography Courses conducted by Allan Moore start at the beginning by assuming no knowledge of digital camera use. Learning to use the camera and its controls is followed by obtaining, and evaluating, ideal exposures in simulated crime/incident scene scenarios appropriate to the participant’s investigative area.

Permitted digital enhancements are demonstrated using Adobe Photoshop. Separate Photoshop course are also available.

All courses can be tailored to the requirements of the agency or individual. Digital camera types may either be compact point and shoot types or digital SLR (DSLR).